Special Events
Warehouse Building
Located directly across road
from main store.
JR Moore & Son Gift Certificates

For Individuals
Available in any amount.
No Restrictions.

Companies or Organizations
Let us help you with your holiday gifts.  We can set up gift certificates to
purchase specific goods or for non-restricted shopping.  For example we
serve companies that want to provide their employees with safety toe
boots for Christmas.  The gift certificate allows for the company to make
sure the employee is receiving safety toe boots, but at the same time it
gives the employee the opportunity to select the style and brand of boot
they purchase..

We do offer price breaks on larger volume purchases.    

Come by the store or call 919-898-2998 for further information.
Annual Customer Appreciation Day
and Clearance Sale

Saturday, October 19th

Clearance Sale is located in the warehouse building,
which is located directly across the road from the store.

50% off shoes
At least 30% off clothing

All items are discontinued.  No refunds or returns.

There will be no way to accept credit/debit cards in the
warehouse building (no phone lines, or reliable cell signal
to operate equipment required to process cards).
Although arrangements can be made to accept cards for
payment, Cash/Check is preferred.

In addition to the clearance sale in the warehouse, there
will be select items on sale inside the main store building.  

Customers will be invited to enter raffles for door Prizes.