JR Moore and Son was founded in 1935 in the small community of
Gulf, NC by John Romulus Moore and his son Richard Murchison
Moore.  At the time of its opening, the store serviced the
surrounding community by providing a local place to buy staples
that were not readily available in the immediate area.  To further
access their customers, the Moore's ran a regular route to bring
staples to their customer's door.  This tradition lasted until the
1950's.   After the passing of  his father, Richard continued
expanding and evolving the store.  His philosophy was that the key
to success in business was "When you see a need, you meet it".   
In a 1976
The Sanford Herald article, Richard Moore had this to
say about his business: "If we didn't have all the stuff we got here,
we'd a been gone years ago.  The secret of this business is the
stock.  We got hardware, plumbing supplies, shoes, denims,
gasoline, groceries, well, just about anything that folks need."

In 1968 Mr Moore asked the current owner, Rayvon King, to come
work with him at the store.  Rayvon was raised in Gulf and had
helped out in the store in his youth.  Mr Moore gave Rayvon some
stock in the store and he in turn worked full time to run the store.  
After Mr Moore's passing in 1978, Rayvon bought the remaining
share of the business from Mr. Moore's widow, Mrs Faye Moore.  In
the 30 years since Mr Moore's passing, Rayvon has carried on his
principles of: 1-when you see a need, meet it  and 2- its all about
having the stock.

The story continues.... In January 2011, Rayvon's daughter Julie
joined the family business as a partner/owner.  She worked at the
store during her teens/college years, and filled in during times of
need after she graduated from NC State and began her career in
textiles.  When the company she worked for closed in 2009, she
decided  that she was ready to return to her roots and carry on the
family business.

In its seventy plus years of its existence, JR Moore & Son has
continued to evolve.  Even with this necessary evolution, it has held
true to its roots.  Pay us a visit and see what we mean.
Our History
Mr Richard Moore
Mr Rayvon King