Links to Places of Interest
All in the Family  
Sites that link you to businesses owned by family.  
We are very proud of our talented family members.
Artist Jeff Christian.   Jeff lives locally in Pittsboro, NC and is the nephew of the
store's owners.  He specializes in fishing and outdoor scenes.
The Grove Winery.  Located in not to far away Guilford County, NC,
the winery is owned by Denise and Max Lloyd.  Denise is the niece
of store's owners.
Local Interest
Bellehavre. Gulf's own bed and breakfast.  Located directly across the
road from the store.
Deep River.  There are many interesting features along the river that we
find enjoyable.  Located across 421 from the store is McIver Landing, a
boat access area.  A little further down stream is Deep River Park, which
is the home of a historic camelback bridge.  For more information please
visit the Triangle Land Convervancy website.
Sharpe's Store Music.  Twice a month folks gather at this local landmark
to take in Gospel and Bluegrass music.  
Sharpe's Store Music